Q.3 :  What if result will not there ?

Ans :    According to our Almost every customer results will be 100 % , but in case you are not getting results  then there's a 100% Money back guarantee for customers.

Q.5 :  How to use the X-Men 21 Pills  ?

Ans :   It's So simple , you are to take just one pill in morning after breakfast , and one pill after dinner in night with luke warm Milk or Water. Thats all.

Q.2 :  In what hands the product will be delivered ?

Ans :    The delivery will be 100 % CONFIDENTIAL , means delivery boy will call you and let you informed , and then delivers in your hands only.

Q.4 :  Will you charge delivery charge after ordering ?

Ans :   No , We are giving free cash on delivery to every customer in all over the India.

You will only pay for what you get.

Q.1 :  Is There any side effect of this product ?

Ans :   Its simple answer is No,because X-Men 21 is an Ayurvedic Medicine.And as everyone knows Ayurvedic medicine does not get any type of side effect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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